Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am doing okay with my new medicine. No seizures!!!

Here is my sister without fur being all smiley face. We love her.

This is my tubby brother Willie. Not a big fan of the exercise - does bitey face count?

This is me starting at the ceiling fan.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well, mom took us to the vet yesterday for shots and heartworm medicine. We thought she was surprising us with a fun trip to somewhere.. but not the vet.
The vet lady said Waylon (my white headed, floppy eared brother - which my mom thinks is from another mother!) really should go on medicine for his seizures... he has 3 really big ones in the last 60 days.. and even a few mild ones (I thought he looked like a bobble head)
But I was told I needed to diet..humph!

The boys mom:
Waylon is going to start phenylbarbitol today... I did not want to do this but the seizures are becoming worse. Saturday morning we woke to him, in bed with us of course, seizing. We will see how it goes. Keep us in your thoughts. In other news, baby Lauren had her 2 month shots on Tuesday and weighed 13lbs 7 1/4 oz!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Here is a happy baby Lauren.

It is too hot in Texas this week to do much of anything. We just sleep most of the day while we watch sister. We do of course have a game of bitey face every few hours. We enjoy rough housing in the evening - that is when our sister cries. Mom at first did not appreciate our antics, but now she thinks it is funny.