Sunday, June 25, 2006

From Waylon's mama:
I decided to get a 2nd opinion on his leg. The 1st vet said suregery was not mandatory and a splint would work...I just had a bad feeling and took him to a new vet last Monday 6/19 - needless to say surgery was recomended. I was so mad at myself for not getting a 2nd opinion sooner. It also ended up he had a bacteria infection on his skin - the 1st vet scraped his skin and said it was fine. He had it on Friday afternoon -a plate was put in and the length of his leg was saved - he should not have a limp. NOW the hard part - recovery. He is in pain and he does have a pain patch on. It is helping, but his paw pads were swollen this a.m. and I went to the vet around 6am and the bandage became too tight due to swelling. It was re-wrapped and I can tell he is more comfortable and is sleeping right now. At least 2 weeks in the crate - I will probably do 4 weeks. The another 4 weeks after that on restriction - no playing, running, and jumping. (All of his favorite things to do). His brother Willie has adjusted okay - he is not as sad, but very concerned about brother.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Waylon is okay. He went to the vet Monday a.m. and they put a splint/cast on him - for 6 weeks! NO ACTIVITY! Willie is so bummed out. No playmate. He already misses his brother. Waylon vomitted last night and this morning from anesthesia. I think he is holding water down...fingers crossed.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

This is has been a very long day so far... Sunday morning started as usual - I just poured my 1st cup of coffee & on the 2nd page of the front page. The puppies were having their morning play time and I heard them run up the stairs and then......CRYING!LOTS OF CRYING! I ran to the garage on the way upstairs to get my hubby and found Waylon screaming. Rushed the emergency vet - broken front left leg above the paw - both bones. He is on pain med & it is splinted. In the a.m. we will go to our vet and have it set...hopefully no surgery will be needed. He is so miserable and Willie is so confused on why brother is laying still and crying. Please pray for Mr. WayWay and I will update tommorrow.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Well Mom is trying to get us in the summer mood - it is just too hot in Texas for BT's - we want the a/c, ice cubes, and our raw hides.