Monday, July 31, 2006

We had a field trip today. We went to Petco to get new harnesses for our new doggie car seats. Waylon went too in bis lame stroller. I made friends with the rabbits.


Adventures of Bismarck said...

I'm glad to hear Waylon is getting better. I'm sure you will be glad when he can jump and play again.

Help_Vinny said...

Thank you so much for visiting his blog and for the good wishes. You know how I feel in many ways obviously and I look forward to reading your blog to see how Waylon is doing and what I can learn. Vinny just got home and he was starved and is finaly sleeping, but we were a nervous wreck in the way home.

Can I ask what kind of crate your using? We have the regular travel crate and the collar does fit, but I get worred when I can easily see in there, on the other hand I'm concerned that he would poke an arm through an open caged kind of crate and make it worse. His fracture is on the joint, on the growth plate on both sides.

Get better Weylon!!