Monday, November 06, 2006

Something is wrong with Waylon. He had a seizure last night. It was horrible. I was so scared..he was outisde to do his business before going to bed. I let him out, walked in for a minute, and then walked out and called his name. he stood there staring at me, tried to walked and was wobbly. I screamed for my husband to come out. He ran out and picked up Mr WayWay and then set him down to see if he was okay and he just fell to the ground flailing his legs. It was horrible to watch. He picked him up, we got in the car to go to the emergency vet and he decided he wanted to assess him one more time. He went inside (I could not watch) and he came out and he was okay. Walking around and went into his kennel. He was panting, but then calmed down. I held him for awhile. Willie was upset and kept sniffing brother. He has an appt in the morning at 9am to get checked out. He is fine today. Sleeping as usual. He is going everywhere w/ me today. I am not going to leave him alone for awhile.


Alicat said...

oh no :( :( :(

Little Buster said...

I hope he's okay. Give him a hug for me.