Friday, March 02, 2007


Boston Love said...

I love it! Makes me want to be owned by two BT's instead of one. I love their ferocious noises also, too funny.....

Cubby said...

You guys have some great moves!

Jasper said...

Is someone practicing the tuba in the background? KEWL.
Seeing you two play is KEWL, but those ear bites look a bit painful!
OUCH! arf!

Joe Stains said...

YA BITEY FACE!! you guys make the same noises like us too!!

Ike's life said...

Hey Waylon,
My mom said this guy called Gil Elvgren made a pin-up poster called Lucky Dog a long time ago and you're in it! We have a copy hanging in our house.
Here's a link to the pic.
(had to do hard returns to fit it in the comment space and you have to fix that to use the link.)