Monday, December 17, 2007

Our sister is getting so big - she will be 6 months this week! She is going for her check-up and shots this morning...we wonder if she will get jerky treats afterwards like when we go to the vet.
Okay we know it is much colder up north, but it was 28 degrees here today and we DO NOT like it. We live in Texas for a reason...warm weather (and of course bbq scraps)

We love our cards! We have run out of room! We have been hanging them on our sister's door. Our parents feel like losers because we have twice as many cards as they do!


Peanut said...

your sister is so cute. I don't know if she would want jerky treats though. It was cold here in Louisiana this morning also. I don't mind though. My mom says she needs to make friends so she could get some christmas cards also.

Joe Stains said...

your sister is the cutest!

Hammer said...

Hi Waylon and Willie
The Christmas Card exchange has been fun. I'm being neglected by my mum coz she still hasn't put up the Christmas tree, nor taken photos of my Christmas cards, nor put up our cards. She's promised to do this once I catch up with my DWB friends.
Love from Hammer