Sunday, June 04, 2006

This is has been a very long day so far... Sunday morning started as usual - I just poured my 1st cup of coffee & on the 2nd page of the front page. The puppies were having their morning play time and I heard them run up the stairs and then......CRYING!LOTS OF CRYING! I ran to the garage on the way upstairs to get my hubby and found Waylon screaming. Rushed the emergency vet - broken front left leg above the paw - both bones. He is on pain med & it is splinted. In the a.m. we will go to our vet and have it set...hopefully no surgery will be needed. He is so miserable and Willie is so confused on why brother is laying still and crying. Please pray for Mr. WayWay and I will update tommorrow.

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Help_Vinny said...

I'm so sorry that Waylon is going through this too and that the first vet didn't take care of it right. I hope he's %100 after all this.

I've learned quite a bit through this and one of them is always have pet insurance. (if it truly works) :o)~ and don't even turn away for a second. But I guess, that's always fool proof huh? Who would think a pup could break his leg just playing and wrestling with this brother?

Get well soon!

Melissa & Vinny