Sunday, June 25, 2006

From Waylon's mama:
I decided to get a 2nd opinion on his leg. The 1st vet said suregery was not mandatory and a splint would work...I just had a bad feeling and took him to a new vet last Monday 6/19 - needless to say surgery was recomended. I was so mad at myself for not getting a 2nd opinion sooner. It also ended up he had a bacteria infection on his skin - the 1st vet scraped his skin and said it was fine. He had it on Friday afternoon -a plate was put in and the length of his leg was saved - he should not have a limp. NOW the hard part - recovery. He is in pain and he does have a pain patch on. It is helping, but his paw pads were swollen this a.m. and I went to the vet around 6am and the bandage became too tight due to swelling. It was re-wrapped and I can tell he is more comfortable and is sleeping right now. At least 2 weeks in the crate - I will probably do 4 weeks. The another 4 weeks after that on restriction - no playing, running, and jumping. (All of his favorite things to do). His brother Willie has adjusted okay - he is not as sad, but very concerned about brother.

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