Thursday, December 28, 2006

Waylon is home. His surgery went well. The plate came out easily. He is resting now in his kennel....he cries out once in awhile in pain :( He did get a pain shot right before he left the vet so he should be fine for the night. I will post pics tomorrow...he said no photos tonight.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts.
Willie said he needs Doofus to come over and play with him because his playmate he said is "all jacked up".


Little Buster said...

I hope Waylon gets well soon. Keep us informed. I'm hoping we can see pictures of him running soon.

Justin said...

plz let him take some rest n u too take good care of yourself Willie..
hope you 2 have a very good new year...

God bless

Joe Stains said...

holy crud! I will send him right over, fed ex overnight, ups priority early AM, whatever you want!!!??!?!!!

oh, wait, Mom said no :( dangit.

BUT we are both super duper glad he is ok!!!