Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Here is our sister sleeping...and it is time for a nap for Willie

Waylon wants to go outside in the backyard because there is a dead bird that mysteriously appeared after Willie was outside. I found both of them hovering over the creature..they ended up with "dead bird mouth"
Waylon also says thanks for all of the support..and so do I. It is such a scary thing for Waylon to go through. He says he will be fine... especially if I let outside. (Not happening)


tcath1962 said...

Baby Lauren is just too precious, and Willie looks so cute napping. Poor Waylon. He just wants to go bird hunting Mom, ha! ha!

Joe Stains said...

that sister of yours sure is cute! I like BBQ bird over dead in the yard bird.

Cubby said...

You could save a day of feeding Waylon if you just let him outside!

Balboa & Mommy said...

Your little sister is just so cute.

Yeah, the look on Waylon's face is great, he just wants to have a birdy snack.

Frenchie SNorts

Lou said...

Love your blog! Your Bostons are adorable and so is your gorgeous baby girl - congratulations!

Our Boston Terrier, Maddy is so good with our 1.5 yo son, even though he's not so nice to her sometimes - pulling her legs and ears. Maddy was a great baby sitter in the early days too - alerting me to the baby if he was crying. Enjoy your special family.

rpm said...

Your sister is as beautiful as you guys are! I think you two will make wonderful watch dogs for her. I know you can't wait until she start dropping crumbs for y'all.