Monday, July 23, 2007

Waylon cut his head playing with Willie - I am not sure of where. Willie has a new toy - Mr Octy - it is still alive.. the legs are ripped almost off though.
Waylon has had 2 seizures in the last 30 days... I do not want to drug him, but if it is epilepsy I will have to. Since Nov 2006 he has had 6 seizures. I will keep you posted.

Wille guarding sister


Joe Stains said...

poor waylon he has had it so rough! I hope he is ok!

tcath1962 said...

Rocky has seizures too, but I guess a little more often than Waylon. He has had 3 since May of this year. I changed his diet and hope it is helping. Did Waylon have any tests?

Balboa & Mommy said...

OH NO, I hope Waylon is okay, keep us posted.

Frenchie SNorts

Cubby said...

We have the same Occy!

My mom had a pup with epilepsy, and it was no biggie (except the seizures are a little scary). He was kind of a zombie for a couple of weeks after starting the medicine, but once he got used to it, he was back to normal!

tcath1962 said...

Rocky's seizures are pretty severe. It scared me to death the first time I saw him (although I had a Boxer before that had seizures). I really couldn't say if the diet has made ALOT of difference. But at least I know what I am feeding. They seem to like it---especially the first bowl right after it's cooked. Rocky hasn't had any tests either, but I have read that it is common in Bostons and that they usually don't medicate unless they have them really often. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't get any worse.